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Saturday, May 18, 2024

Kanab Trip: Hackberry Canyon, South Coyote Buttes and White Pocket May 13-17, 2024

 A few from our hiking club planned a trip in May to Kanab to see South Coyote Buttes which we had a permit for. We went for a week and did other hikes on the other days.

The first day we hiked lower Hackberry Narrows

Most of the hike is in shallow water with a sandy bottom. The narrows are only two miles long.

This landmark of about one mile in.

The happy group

Water flowing over colorful rock

A tunnel to walk through

One foot high waterfall

Western Tanager

After Hackberry we stopped by the Paria town site to see the Chinle hills


The second day of hiking we went to South Coyote Buttes (SCB). The road there is deep sand and requires high clearance 4 wheel drive. No AWD everyone says. That is why I invited two couples with a Jeep and  a truck with plenty of clearance and large off road tires to rescue my Subaru in case my lack of REAL 4 wheel drive and only 9.5 inches of clearance would be a problem. It had not rained in a couple weeks which made the sand somewhat dry but the cool temps at night and moderate temps in the day retained enough moisture that the Subaru was fine. Only scraped the crown of the road a couple times in the deepest spots. All were soft sand so no problem. 99.9 percent of the vehicles that  drive here are full sized and create deep ruts that are the major obstacle. We met a leader from Dreamland Safari tours at the start of the drive and asked about my odds and were given 50/50 chance of making it.

Walking to the Buttes from the parking lot

Half and half rock

This is the view toward Edmaiers Secret (West Clark bench)

The cactus here came in two colors

This place is called the Southern Wave. We are about 2 miles south of the original Wave.

This one is called the Witches Hat.

The view towards Edmaiers secret as a storm was coming

This is the view toward the Wave. That is the plateau above the wave where Melody arch is.

This is called the Control Tower.

We are climbing down to find the Dinosaur tracks

One of the tracks. There were about 7-8 tracks

The storm was getting closer.

If it rained much the part of House Rock Valley road that is clay would be a problem getting out.

Townsendia incana

Claret cup.

At the end of this day we met the guide from Dreamland again at the Air Up point and she asked me if I had lockers on my Subaru.

The next day we went to White Pocket. The road is the same as Coyote Buttes but forks and goes a little further.

First view of White Pocket

A lone Ponderosa pine

The next butte to the west of White pocket. It looks like a good place to explore too.

The Swirl

The Tepees near the Wave

Possible trackway?

Small pile of bones, pottery and corn cobs at an alcove

Petroglyphs there

Spider wort

Side blotched lizard

Side blotched lizard

At the Condor viewing area on House Rock Valley road. There is a cage where they manage the condors.

Saw an antelope from the car

The vermillion cliffs